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Mattes Surgical Instruments for Plastic Surgery in the highest German quality.

The field of plastic surgery gives you the opportunity to operate on plainly visible body parts. Mattes Plastic Surgery Instruments offers most special instruments for Liposuction, Breasts (augmentation, reduction or remodeling), Face Lifting and Rhinoplasty. We provide beauty clinics and plastic surgeons with a big range of plastic surgical instruments.

Our attention is focused on the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.


  • Breast - Dissectors - Elevators

  • Breast markers and measuring calipers

  • Breast Spatula - Tongue Depressors

  • Liposuction - cannulas and handles

  • Nasal Retractors - Thimble hooks - Bear claws

  • Nasal Rasps - Nasal Osteotomes

  • Rhytidectomy Scissors

  • Mammoplasty - Style Retractors

  • Retractors for plastic surgery

  • Endo Dissectors

  • Extra Oral & Intra Oral Retractors

  • Nasal Specula

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