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Mattes Surgical Instruments also provides different versions of surgical Kits used at Universities in the United States. All kits are completely customizable from instruments to the skin pads. 


A Mattes standard Kit contains:


  • Surgical Scissor, 5.5", sharp blunt

  • Tissue Forceps, 6", two teeth

  • Fine Hemostat, 5", curved

  • Surgical Scalpel No 3

  • 2 additional exchangeable scalpel blades

  • Tissue pad 5 by 5 inch

  • Optional: Cyst pad, 5 by 5 inch

  • One special bag for each instrument and the pads in the colors of your University

  • 1ml Syringe


All Surgical Instruments used for our University Kits are produced in Germany, using German steel, and are the same quality as our standard instruments. Our goal is to provide your students with hospital quality instruments. 


Suture pads are proudly made in the United States and are completely customizable. 

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