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Mattes Surgical Instruments LLC. was founded on the same passion and integrity passed through generations. The Mattes family, based in Southern Germany, has been in the business of surgical instruments since the late 1950’s.


In 2014, the idea of continuing the promise to provide the best quality of professionally handmade products to customers in the United States was born.
Now located in Upstate New York, our background and relationships with the manufacturers in Germany allows us to offer a broad portfolio of only the very best in surgical instruments.

Our vendors are all located in and around Tuttlingen, Germany, also known as the medical instrument capital of the world. Our promise to our customers is simple. We will always provide the very highest of quality surgical instruments made only in Germany. With competitive pricing and the ability to offer single piece items or custom instruments on request we hope to show that we care about the health and wellness of doctors, nurses, patients and all within the medical industry.

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